Turtleflies n Toenails
by: Karl Stewart 2/09/2011
high up in the jubjub tree
the turtlefly hangs all day
wings made of shell give blazing speed
he flits where ever he may

unconcerned of falling down
he flies from branch to branch
and if he misses his perch just once
he bounces when he lands

but missing twice is not so nice
unless he spreads his wings
for bouncing is so hard on him
a cracked shell really stings

he makes his nest on fork-ed branch
and lines it all with fur
and decorates his jubjub tree
then sits and waits for her

his mate you see is not like he
but rather large indeed
she is the three-toed elephant
and can barely climb his tree

upon her back he lands so soft
she barely knows he's there
he walks up front to her great head
and never moves a hair

so when she hears his tiny voice
whispered in her ear
she thinks it is a thought of hers
and has not a thing to fear

he says come up and sit right here
upon our wedding bed
if only you would do as asked
I'd paint your toenails red

so up the tree she begins to climb
with visions in her head
of wedding bells and turtlefly shells
and toenails bright and red

forgot did she since she was three
she's had a fear of height
and grasping branches with her toes
she climbs up in the night

in the morning with sun's first light
the jubjub tree looks bare
with toes of red, she blends right in
you cannot tell she's there

her toes you see, resemble three
bright cherries in a row
unless she moves her ponderous bulk
the elephant does not show

she hides up in the jubjub tree
while turtlefly flits around
she holds so tight that from day one
she never goes to ground

so if you see, those cherries three
can you trust your eyes
is it cherries in the tree
or the elephant in disguise
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