Thoughts on Facing the Executioner
by: Karl Stewart
  Walking into the room
Not a word says he
With hood on his head
Can he actually see

He moves real slow
With deliberate intent
His energy conserved
His time well spent

While waiting his action
I think my last thoughts
I wish I'd done better
I should not have been caught

I'm innocent i swear
I did not do it
He's heard that before
He still just keeps to it

He knots the rope
It fits round my neck
I'll go for a swing
Why not what the heck

This moment's repeating
He's tying the knot
He's slipping it over
He did that I thought

The trap door feels solid
I hope it stays shut
I hope it malfunctions
I hope i stay put

In all of my years
I thought me so wise
I never thought this
would be my demise

To swing from a rope
and hang till I'm dead
please give me a gun
I'll aim at my head

I'll go any way
I'll go with great speed
don't end it like this
Please please there's no need

I hate that damn rope
as it slips o'er my head
time keeps repeating
So why aren't I dead

It takes way too long
they want me to speak
I don't have any words
I can't even squeak

My courage has left me
I face all my fears
My knees they buckle
My eyes full of tears

But show me no mercy
this deed you must do
Give me the rope
and lets see this thing through

Now hanging for crimes
Not committed by me
The torture has ended
At last I am free.

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