She Found Me Quite Fair
by: Karl Stewart 1/13/2011
  i was standing outside
not trying to hide
just trying to make a phone call
a woman approaches
and the subject she broaches
has me completely appalled

she says do you dance
and given the chance
would you mind dancing with me
i find you quite fair
and the gray in your hair
is a major turn on you see

and your evening my friend
perchance you could spend
most of it drinking chablis
so when we go home
and I have you alone
i wont look quite so homely

so inside the bar
i had run off quite far
when i saw her looking my way
her head she did swivel
as she started to dribble
and i tried to get far far away

i tried to blend in
and i started to grin
as a waitress came to my side
she said get behind me
and said that she would see
if she could help me to hide

i was so relieved
and could not believe
i made it, if just by an inch
this lovely young maid
had come to my aid
i was caught by surprise by her pinch

my butt was her aim
my attention to gain
she said that she wanted me too
she said that i owe her
and i could run nowhere
so dance with me one song or two

so then dance i did
from the other i hid
this is not such a bad life
the waitress in question
i forgot to mention
was none other than my sweet wife.
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