Hold the Door
by: Karl Stewart 9/01/2010
Lunch with the girls is fine with me
We chat and laugh and dine
We talk of this and talk of that
And have a good old time

Sometimes there's one, or maybe two
Sometimes it's three or more
And every time we go to lunch
I try to hold the door

But chivalry is dead you see
And sometimes others whine
They fight to hold the door for me
And claim "the turn is mine"

I thought it was OK to hold
The door for other's too
But if the door for you I hold
You want to hold it too

Equal rights is what you say
Sometimes I would agree
But not when holding doors for you
A gift I give for free

If chauvinist is how you see
The person that I am
I guess I better place this rose
In someone else's hand

I was raised in times gone by
When men were gentle-men
And women were so many things
But mainly ladies then

You'd hold the door and you'd be told
That everything was fine
You'd hold the door for young and old
And never hear them whine

You never had to hire defense
And prove your motives pure
You knew there'd be no consequence
Because you held the door.
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