Beware the Framly of Noobly's Gump
by: Karl Stewart 9/27/2010
In twilly frills on noobly's gump
the framly is known as Wally Frump.
And Wally feeds the grimmly worm
bits of scritch and crumbly kirm.

the grimmly worm was quite a find
Wally almost ate him but changed his mind
now grimmly worm's a pet of his
so too grimmly's cousin liz.

lizzy slithers smear and drag
with liquid eyes of black nishcrag
leaving trails along the walk
of slimy glosh that smells like plock

framlies are a quirky lot
with mogly toes and breath so hot.
beware of Wally's heated breath
where one small wiff means certain death

so when you enter twilly frills
on noobly's gump among the hills
beware of Wally's breath so warm
of Lizzy's slime and the grimmly worm

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