For Lack of Support
by: Karl Stewart
I could not wait
the day had grown near
it was time to get started
junior high school was here

I was real tuff stuff
big in my own eyes
till the day came
to get school supplies

my mother was saying
while approaching the door
I think we'll go shopping
at the department store

I did not know why
or what we needed
but mother's word
was always heeded

so to the car
and off we go
time to shop
soon I would know

we went to boy's clothing
much to my surprise
a funny place
to get school supplies

I looked up and asked
for then I was shorter
she said you have gym
and need a supporter

I thought to myself
as I missed her meaning
I will not be going out
for cheer leading

or maybe a jersey
is what she could mean
is gym held in clothes
that support our school team

so we walked up to
a nice looking lady
mom showed her the list
the lady said maybe

they talked about size
as they looked at my waist
then both of them chuckled
and turned with great haste

she said he's a small
if I had a guess
is his father real small
mom frowned but said yes

the lady looked sad
as she looked at the floor
and said its alright
he will grow I'm quite sure

so reaching into
a shelf on the wall
she pulled out a package
and showed it to all

much to my horror
as my eyes read the box
I was so embarrassed
twas a strap made for jocks

my mother just smiled
the lady did too
go try this on
it's sized just for you

i said with bravado
as i puffed up my chest
I think I take large
or medium at best

they both laughed again
as they nodded and smiled
said large is for men
and you're just a child

i went to the room
looking down, I was shy
i thought I'd stay there
at least till I die

they called in behind me
and said like they know
don't get undressed
don't take off your clothes

just pull it on over
your pants we don't care
does it bind, does it chafe
does it pinch you down there

I said it's just fine
my voice just a squeak
when we got home
I hid for a week

I never did know
if it fit me OK
I threw it out
that very same day

I took gym that year
and to my delight
I looked at the others
not a jock strap in sight

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