by: Karl Stewart
  Twas the night before Festivus
so what of the restofus
is this just George's Holiday?

We all have our grievances
and some may have strengths
but for others it is just one more day.

The airing of grievance does dinner adorn
let's gripe at the world
giving each one his turn.

In so many ways disappointment you bring
and of your shortcomings
all now we shall sing.

When dinner is done
dad wrestles each one
till we pin dear old dad to the floor.

For feats of great strength
are witnessed at length
as is custom from now ever more.

And what of the tree? I sent ours a packing
just a shiny new pole
I find tinsel distracting.

Then it is stories of events that I spin
of how Festivus Miracles
reunited old friends.

It comes once a year bringing way too much fuss
the common man's Holiday
for the restofus, it's called Festivus.

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