Do You See Me

by: Karl Stewart
  Do you see me?
Do you really see me?
Everyone can see
just not the me that is me.

The me that I see
when looking inside
is not the same me
that others would spy.

The me that I know
and the me that I show
may be different sometimes.
It depends where I go.

I am not a chameleon.
I am not in disguise.
I just think it unsafe
and perhaps it's unwise,

To reveal who I am
till I know who you are.
It is personal to me
so I keep you quite far.

Till I know I can trust
in your kindess of heart.
I can't tell this at first.
I can't tell from the start.

I must know you quite well
before I will show
the me that's inside,
the me that I know.

But to those whom I know
I sometimes reveal
the me that I know,
the me that is real.

So if you see me
you still may not know,
if it's me that you see
or the me that I show.

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