by: Karl Stewart 9/02/2010
I'm on a diuretic
And one thing is for sure
The only thing i cannot pass
Is the men's room door

I drink a lot but that's not good
I cannot take a trip
Cuz when I go, I really go
Not just little drips

Don't block my way
I'll knock you down
To get where I must go
Diuretics rule my life
And they run the show

My legs look great
They do not swell
There's no more water weight
But that was not always the case
My ankles would dilate

I do not use adult diapers
I'm in control you know
Unless of course
There is no place
To go when I must go

Getting old is so much fun
But when the day is through
I know my place
In this big world
It's in stall number two.
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