The Assignment
by: Karl Stewart 10/08/2010
  This was written for a Halloween Horror contest.
  it should have been her little brother
who's dead body she was dragging
after just having killed him
and eaten his heart
blood still fresh on her lips
gore and flesh clinging to her fingernails
Instead it was just her little rag doll
torn and tattered
from years of too much loving
blood simulated with the lipstick
she found in her mommy's drawer
amazing how gory looking
spaghetti can be when hanging
from the shirt of an old rag doll
who knew where this new game would lead
a game she quickly became addicted to
in those quiet moments when all alone
times where she would re-enact heinous acts
only imagined in her fertile little mind
which would not have been bad, in and of itself
if only she had left the neighbor's cat alone
but she bares the scars of that misadventure
cats not going quietly, armed as they are
brother had better watch his back
the cat was just a warm up
a way to try out thoughts, hone skills
others would make her list
of not always failed experiments
heaven help the birds
that were too slow to evade her traps
and neighbors started complaining
of pets gone missing, no evidence at all
if you don't count the freshly turned earth
in her small backyard
a quiet neighborhood, really
peaceful in fact
little did they know
how much peace was being disturbed
in the little girl's basement
normally a sanctuary for children
who have free run of an overly large house.
not so this one, more like a mortuary
a collection of improvised instruments
of pain, mutilation, disection
experimentation, torture
and even death
it should have been her little brother
that she was dragging
all his teasing, all those years
brothers can be so cruel
but now there may be a way
to exact revenge
not that what he did was so out of the ordinary
I mean what little brother hasn't
pulled his sister's hair, or
called her names
but does this justify the plans
being spawned in her twisted little mind
of how she will lure him to the basement
trick him with a promise of some treat
stolen as she often does from mother's pantry
how she will tie him up and gag him
wouldn't want to disturb the peace now would we
how she will take delight watching the terror in his eyes
as she approaches him, tool in hand
which one will she start with...
just then the alarm goes off
oh look, it is time to get up
and get ready for school
she loves school
especially the new creative writing class
she can hardly wait to get started
on the Halloween assignment
been dreaming about it all night.

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