My name is Karl. I worked steadily from 1970 to 2016.
In that time I did many things, from working as a dish washer, to being a stock clerk at what is now Kmart, to working nights at a TV station.

    I think my time was best spent as a programmer analyst for the Clerk of the Court.
I retired from the Clerk's office in 2016 and started painting in acrylics. I started with Dot paintings inspired by the Aboriginal art from Australia. I soon branched out to casting round "stones" in gypsum and painting dots on those. Then I went back to canvas and started doing illustrative style paingings. I tried varius styles such as Cubism and American Primative. Still not sure what my style is. I may not have style or even class but I am happy.

  I have done some watercolor paintings. I havent touched watercolors in about 5 years but keep meaning to go back to them.
I enjoy producing digital art using a program called Artrage It is the best artistic painting program I have ever seen for PC. Give it a look by clicking on the link at the bottom-left of this page. For Ipad Pro I like Procreate.
I do some pure Zentangle and some Zentangle Inspired Art. I even have two unique tangle patterns on Be sure to check that site out using the link on my Zentangle Inspired Art page.

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