I love to dabble in the arts. I have tried acrylics, watercolors, digital art, zentangle and even peotry. Since I am only a student of art many of the resources for inspiration are not my own. Most things that are not original will be marked as such. I am trying to go back and mark all of them.

    I enjoy producing digital art using a program called Artrage It is the best artistic painting program I have ever seen. It is very inexpensive and very powerful. Give it a look by clicking on the link at the bottom-left of this page.

I also paint in acrylics and in watercolors.
I recently discovered an artform called Zentangle. I do some pure Zentangle and some Zentangle Inspired Art. I even have two unique tangle patterns on tanglepatterns.com Be sure to check that site out using the link on my Z I A page. Check out some of my Zentangle Inspired Art on my latest page.

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